Empowerment of Girl Students in Pursuit of Knowledge ,Values and Self –Reliance

The college has highly qualified teaching faculty, many of who have proved their excellence in teaching, research and publication.


· To guide the students for various competitive examinations.

· To set up an Employment Information Cell in the college.

· To provide the guidance of top level administrative officers and resource persons for inspiration to the students.

· To motivate and inspire the students to appear for State Administrative Services, Bank, LIC, Railway and other administrative services at central and state level.

· Take efforts for comprehensive personality development of the students.

Need and Significance:

             Nowadays large numbers of girl students opt for a career in administrative services. Many girl students successfully qualify different exams for the same. The number of girl students from the rural areas is increasing day by day. Our students have to join private coaching class for preparing for such competitive exams. The fees of such coaching classes are beyond their reach. They cannot afford the fees because they are economically backward. In spite of their sincerity and talent they cannot fulfill their dreams of entering into administrative services by passing the competitive examinations. If coaching is provided to the students in the college itself with study material these students may surely pass and acquire higher posts in the administration.

Foundation Course:

Duration: July to March (9 Months)

Target Group                 :  B.A. and B.Com. Appear students             No. of Students: 40

Time                                :  12.15 a.m. to 1.15 p.m.

Days                               :  Monday to Friday

Fees: Rs. 2000/-

Examination Details:


Written Test on each subject                                       Marks: 50

Written Test as per the pattern of MPSC

Subject wise Division of Marks:

· History                                                                                Marks 10

· Science                                                                               Marks 10

· Maths                                                                                 Marks 10

· Political Science                                                                Marks 10

· Geography                                                                         Marks 5

· Economics                                                                         Marks 5

Course Methodology:

1.  Lectures on various subjects as per syllabus, Audio cassettes, CDs, Clips

2. Reading session will be conducted for 20 minutes every day. Newspaper reading, cutting of important news and filing and prepare a resource material on current affairs for students.

Study Material:

Syllabus, Subject wise notes, Question and answer papers of practice tests, old question paper set, newspaper cuttings, reading facility (separate library is maintained).


Activities of the Centre:


· Guidance of successful candidates was arranged (Amol Yedage -UPSC-154 ranking).

              Printed notes provided

· Guidance by College faculty and guest faculty

· Purchase of Books and Magazines for the centre

· Practice tests conducted

· The students attended guidance camps at Gharewadi on 28 Dec.2014 and 24 Apr. 2015 organized by Shubham Pratishthan

·  Senior police inspector, Karad, Mr. B. R. Patil guided the students.


· 22.07.2015 Inauguration– Chief guest Mr.Netaji Patil of Doodhsagar  Mahavidyalaya, Bidri Preparation presently for state (Maharashtra) Public Service Commission Exams undertaken.

· Ms.Shakuntala Hirugade appointed faculty for Competitive Exams Guidance Centre.

· July 2015 –preparation of Maths & Science subjects, August 2015 –, Political Science, Science, Maths & History. SPSC Prelim and Sales Tax Inspector exams preparation, Current Affairs,

· Group discussions organized.

· Practice exams conducted in July 2015, August 2015 and September 2015.

· CSAT exam preparation and practice of objective test.

· Students also participated in mock interviews, and studied important topics through paper cutting and PPTs


2016 - 2017

· Lectures in the subjects of Maths, English, Economics, Polity, General aptitude, CSAT, Science, History, Geography and Marathi conducted according to MPSC      


· Every Thursday discussion on important events, news of the week

· 26/07/2016 and 29/07/2016 screening of CDs of interviews of successful students of competitive exams            

· 28/07/2016 Online lecture of Mr Avinash Dharmadhikari (IAS) on ‘Life, Education and carrer’ screened

·  Practice test for Talathi exam on 16/09/2016

·  02/09/2016 and 20/09/2016 students given test series

· Organization of group discussion on various current issues – GST bill (07/09/2016), Corruption: Menace and Remedies (13/09/2016),

· The young generation of today (22/09/2016),

· Indo – Pak relations with reference to Uri attack and Kashmir problem (23/09/2016) and

·  terrorism : Causes and Remedies (27/09/201

· Group discussions on following topics organized: Solid waste management: Problem and Remedies (30/12/2016), Changing Nature of Indian Film Industry (30/12/2016) ,

·  Welfare Schemes of Modi Government (20/02/2017), Should There be Reservations for Marathas? (28/02/2017)

·  Impact of Modern Mass Media on Youth and Students (06/03/2017)

·  A Test series was given to students on 23/02/2017, 01/03/2017, 02/03/2017 and 03/03/2017

· 5 Students appeared for STI exam and one student appeared for PSI exam



· 22/07/2017-Inauguration at the hands of Ms. Pranali Awati’ Asst. Sales Tax Commissioner, Kolhapur

· Monday to Thursday regular lectures and Friday –group discussion, practice tests, Screening of CDs

· July 2017- Syllabus, nature of exams etc.

· August 2017- Interviews of successful persons, CDs of interviews screened

· Lectures with PPT regarding Subjects for the exam

· Group discussion on ‘Contribution of Women to Politics’ and ‘GST’- 8/9/2017

· 13/11/2017-Introduction to Competitive Exams – lecture by Mr. Sambhaji Patil, Vice Principal, Police Training college, Turchi, Dist. Sangli

· Essay competition for Jr. and Sr. College students in the district

· 14/12/2017 Workshop by Dr. Aruna Kaulgud on Interview techniques

· 23/12/2017 Practice Exam

· 19/01/2018 to 06/02/2018 PPT presentations by 18 students on various topics

· 25/01/2018 –Group discussion on Present Education System: Nature of Problems and Remedies

· 11/01/2018 – Practice Exam

· 08/02/2018- Freedom to Women: Licence or Constraints- Group discussion

· Question –Answer session       



Dr. Smt. M.P. Mohite (Co-ordinator)

Phone: (02164) 220849 Email: karadmahila@gmail.com

Shikshan Mandal  Karad’s

Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Karad